Thinking about death

Thinking about death painting Marnie Pitts


"Thinking about death trying to live life"
30 x 40 cm
Oil on wood

Inside the box is a reminder of our mortality. A young girl transforms in steps towards a skeleton. This skeleton reaches out towards the hands opening the box and as their fingers touch the light illuminates the reality of death. While at the same time this sparks the need to make sure we make good use of our remaining time and live fully.


What’s in the box?


Christopher Umana & Jennifer Mullins have very kindly invited me to take part in the Caja exhibition which they have jointly curated. Caja is Spanish for box and the idea was to create a piece that explored the box, a gift, a curiosity towards the contents, the mystery of what might be inside. I thought long and hard about what I would make. I thought about what I would like to find in my box. My answer was time. Time is precious, always speeding by. I never have enough, it is always running out and then there is that dread finality of it, lurking with death.

I painted the hands opening the box, peeking inside receiving the gift, a reminder of the finite time we have, that death awaits us reaching out, touching us. However in that reminder it drives us to live. To use our time and experience life. The painting is titled “Thinking about death, trying to live life” it is oil on panel 30 x 40 cm and available to purchase through 423 west gallery here

Opening reception is July 27, 2013 if you would like to attend the details are  here