The Antipodes Project

The Antipodes Project is a collaborative drawing project now on exhibition.a_transitional_moment_by_bentolman-d23mor8This drawing project was started by Ben Tolman 10 years ago. Many artists from all around the world collaborated on these detailed drawings, posting them to each other to add their parts.It has been so much fun getting the drawings in the mail and working to blend my ink drawing to the ones already there. I got to see the way many different artists worked with pen (we all used Microns).  Juxtapoz and Whitehot magazines have both written about this exhibition.

I am delighted that I also have two solo drawings (one in ink, like the project and the other one pencil) in this show. Contact the gallery for more information

The exhibition is currently on at The Fridge in Washington DC until – Aug29th, 2016.

New Drawing




Pencil and ink on paper
25 x 30 cm

I have really enjoyed working on the The Antipodes Project. It has started me drawing with ink again and also given me the freedom to just explore on the page. I really had no clear idea of where this drawing was going. First I drew her profile and as much of my latest work has been exploring interior spaces, using architectural features, it lead me to add the archway and then the light globe. Next her hair emerged and tangled itself up with the road. 

It feels great to just sit down with a pen and let it flow.