Soaking it up

Soaking it up

"Soaking it up"
Egg tempera on cotton panel
40 x 36 cm

I decided I wanted to learn to paint in egg tempera. So I enrolled myself in a short course at Dulwich Gallery and this is the painting I made there. A painting on the theme of attachments, our attachment to the world, water, other animals, trees and air. Preparing the egg tempera and using it to paint was really fun and actually much easier than I thought.


Egg Tempera

I have recently completed a short course at the Dulwich Picture Gallery, taking me thought the basics of Egg Tempera painting. I was keen to learn the technique as it seems a natural progression from my work using the Mische Technique. I had always assumed that it would be a tricky and complicated thing to learn. However I was really pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to prepare the paint. So If you have been thinking about giving it a go, don’t fret over it. It really is a simple as mixing an egg yoke with some pigment. So here it the painting I was worked on in class. Not quite finished but almost there

I really like the speed that I can work at with the egg tempera compared to oil paint, hardly any drying time. But I am going to take some more time experimenting with mixing oils and egg tempera in different ways. If you want to learn more about egg tempera I recommend taking a class with the lecturer I had, Ben Senior but if you can’t here are the instructions for making paint