New Drawing




Pencil and ink on paper
25 x 30 cm

I have really enjoyed working on the The Antipodes Project. It has started me drawing with ink again and also given me the freedom to just explore on the page. I really had no clear idea of where this drawing was going. First I drew her profile and as much of my latest work has been exploring interior spaces, using architectural features, it lead me to add the archway and then the light globe. Next her hair emerged and tangled itself up with the road. 

It feels great to just sit down with a pen and let it flow. 


Donna Britannica Hollandia


Donna Britannica Hollandia painting Marnie Pitts

"Donna Britannica Hollandia"

Acrylic on wood
43 x 56 cm

I made this portrait of Elizabeth (Bess) Holland known as Donna Britannica Hollandia. In the 1600’s she was one of the most famous Madams in London. She ran a high class establishment outside the London city walls in an area known as the Liberty of Paris Gardens. Her mansion house “The Holland’s Leaguer” offered all sorts of pleasures including garden walks, fine food and wine, modern plumbing and bear baiting. It was a community of women run by a woman and set aside from the rest of society by a moat, drawbridge and portcullis. When the authorities tried to close them down the girls and Bess fought off the soldiers twice, even emptying the contents of their chamber pots upon the soldiers.