No time left


"No time left"
Oil on paper
76 x 58 cm

This painting came from a little sketch I made (pictured at the bottom of this post) about the fate of many of our ancient trees. Time is running out for some of these magical places. I feel we have a duty to look after this planet and everything that grows here. Much of my work has an environmental undercurrent. I think a lot about how we live in cities and cover the earth in concrete and roads.  On a more personal note this painting is also about growing older and realising the clock is ticking on all those things you always wanted to do. I am always feeling the pressure of time.

no time left crop painting tree


no time left sketch

The original sketch










Thinking about death

Thinking about death painting Marnie Pitts


"Thinking about death trying to live life"
30 x 40 cm
Oil on wood

Inside the box is a reminder of our mortality. A young girl transforms in steps towards a skeleton. This skeleton reaches out towards the hands opening the box and as their fingers touch the light illuminates the reality of death. While at the same time this sparks the need to make sure we make good use of our remaining time and live fully.