No time left


"No time left"
Oil on paper
76 x 58 cm

This painting came from a little sketch I made (pictured at the bottom of this post) about the fate of many of our ancient trees. Time is running out for some of these magical places. I feel we have a duty to look after this planet and everything that grows here. Much of my work has an environmental undercurrent. I think a lot about how we live in cities and cover the earth in concrete and roads.  On a more personal note this painting is also about growing older and realising the clock is ticking on all those things you always wanted to do. I am always feeling the pressure of time.

no time left crop painting tree


no time left sketch

The original sketch










A painting about flight


`A painting about flight


Oil on canvas
60 x 40 cm

In this painting "Pinioned" I explore aviation. The effects that our increased air travel has on our environment. How the pollution impacts on the other creatures we share this world with. I want it to be a reminder that this urban world is of our own making and that nature must be considered in our activities.