Sleeping with a whale


sleeping with whale

"Sleeping with a whale"
acrylic on canvas
15 x 30 cm

One of the paintings from my “While we are asleep” series. This painting is about the way our cities reach out further than just the land that they are built upon. They spill out into the surrounding waters and sky, effecting the quality of the air and water for us and our fellow creatures.





The convincing ground

convincing ground australia drawing Marnie Pitts
"The convincing ground"
Pencil on paper

Around 1833 one of the many massacres of the Australian indigenous people took place, it is known as the Convincing Ground Massacre. I think the name “Convincing Ground” really focused me to try and depict the moment just before the whalers tried to “convince” the Gunditjmara people that the beached whale, a traditional food source, belonged to them. They convinced them by opening fire, many people were killed, including women and children.