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2018 Heroine’s Journey, Online interview
2015 Phantastic Venus by Reinhard Schmid
2015 What is Urban? Online interview
2014 I’m inside, ring the bell by SLWA
2014 The art of femininity by Pinhole  
2014 Cover art for novel by Stevie Henden, The amazing tale of Anna Himmel and the gold sovereign
2013 Cover art for novel by Stevie Henden, The Lost Boy, the doodlebug and the mysterious number 80
2012 Masters Of Realistic Imagery by Art Domain Whois Verlag, Germany
2012 Catapult Magazine issue #18
2012 Society for Art of Imagination by Phantasten Museum Wien
2012 Cover art for CD Little Battles by She Makes War 
2012 Who are some of the latest, greatest artists? Online Feature
2012 SLWA academic diary
2011 Visonary Art Yearbook 2010-2011 by Otto Rapp
2011 Totummy Magazine by The Publishers Club
2010 South London Women Artists, Bankside Gallery
2009 Firemass issue #2, magazine
2009 Rooted book by Frank Shifreen & Gila Paris
2009 Inscape magazine, Winter issue
2009 Dulwich onView online magazine
2009 Featured Artist – Artsy Shark, Online Interview 

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