Art of Imagination – Veinna exhibition April

I am really excited to announce that I will have this drawing “Weighted” in the next exhibition put on by the Society for Art of imagination. The exhibition “The Society For Art Of Imagination” is to be held at The Museum of Fantastic Art in Vienna (Phantasten Museum Wien), located inside the historic Palais Palffy at the center of the Austrian capital.
The show runs from 14th to 28th of April 2012.  The Museum, founded in 2011 by the Curator Gerhard Habarta, is the first in the world to be dedicated solely to Fantastic and Visionary Art.
In this exhibition, the 58 exhibiting artists will be representing 22 countries. They will be showing painting, assemblage, and shoe sculptures. At least seventeen of these participating artists will be attending the exhibition opening at 11.00 am on the 14th of April.
In the afternoon, following the opening, there will be the first International Conference on the future of Fantastic and Visionary Art.
A beautiful book of all the artworks will be produced and listed for sale in the museum shop.
The Society for Art of Imagination came into being in 1993 to promote Visionary and Fantastic art worldwide. The Society’s roots however begin much earlier. It was formerly known as the‘Inscape Group’ begun in 1961. Brigid Marlin and Diana Hesketh, two of the founders of this original group are still very active members today.
The Society for Art of Imagination is the oldest group of living artists in the field of Imaginative Art in the world. It is also an American registered Charity.

Exhibiting Artists

Isaac Abrams,Benny Anderson, Jane Andrews, Bienvenido Banez, Jon Beinart, Camilla Brodersen, Claus Brusen, Gary Burczak, Vincent Castiglia, Annabella Claudia, Jorge Nazabal, Michel De Saint Ouen, Val Dyshlov, Kate Eggleston-Wirtz, Eike Erzmoneit, Sue Freeman, Michael Fuchs, France Garrido, Jurgen Geier, H.R. Geiger, Can Gokil, Alex Grey, Elisa Halvegard, Daniel Hannequand, Diana Hesketh, Martina Hoffmann, Peter Hutter, Slavko Krunic, Nick Krushner, David Lawton, Laurie Lipton, Pious Lumumba, Jack Lipowczan, Brigid Marlin, Jan Malechek, K.D. Matheson, Cathy Mccartney, Janelle Mckain, Lilia Mazurkevitch, Michael Parkes, Graszka Paulska, Vlaimir Perov-Gladky, Marnie Pitts, Anna Plavinskaya, Leo Plaw, James Porto, Jean Pronovost, Otto Rapp, Jack Ray, Bruce Rimmel, Stephen Snell, De Es Schwertberger, Olga Spiegel, Adela Stefanov, Amy Swartele, Shoji Tanaka, Miguel Tio, Marcus Usherwood, Robert Venosa, David Whitfield, Rene Zwaga


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