Drawing from the past

drawing treesI decided to start this year with a lot of drawing and sketching. I have a number of themes, ideas and images swirling around in my head and I wanted to get them down so I could focus my thoughts and choose a direction to concentrate on. What I discovered during this process is that I have a number of themes that hold an ongoing interest to me. I started to try and break them down, give them names and group the images. This then led me to look back through my past work and see how they fitted into these different themes.

The upshot of this process is that I now have a clearer vision for moving forward this year. I have also realised I need to update my website so that it can reflect the way these different bodies of works relate to each other. So look out for my new website coming soon. You may have also noticed that I have given this blog a bit of a makeover. It is for the same reason. Sometimes it is really helpful to look back to strengthen how you move forward.

Here are a few images of the new drawings I have been making. Most of them have been posted on my instagram (@marniepitts) as that is where I like to post my work in progress. I have also added a few to my art store see them here.

Drawing women

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