The Brixton Art Trail


My print “Sleeping Son” at Federation Coffee

I wanted to write a little on what it means to me to have my work included on the Brixton Art trail. I have lived in Brixton for over 10 years now. For me it is the perfect place, I have had the most amazing time and support bringing up my son and making my artwork here. In the last few years Brixton centre has been changing. High street chains moving in and house prices rising. Brixton market has changed beyond belief too. Everywhere you look people are writing about the amazing food you can find here. Even the New York Times have reviewed the market you can read the review here

I have to agree, everything I have bought is delicious. I do however hope that the long term stall holders and the upstairs artists studios wont be pushed out by the rising popularity and therefore rent.

My painting at “Leftovers” photo by Brixton Art Trail

The Art Trail was set up by Margaret Atkinson an artist who has a studio in Brixton Village/ Granville Arcade. The idea is that you follow the route around the village, every stall is pretty small so the participating shops, cafes and restaurants usually have one or two works on display along with their normal stock. Over the course of the exhibition the work is swapped around to hang in different locations. I’ve really enjoyed seeing my work here, close to home and in different situations. On weekends the market is teaming with people so it has been a great opportunity to get my work in front of people who may not normally see it. My time on the trail is coming to an end, there is only one week left to see this art trail and then the next one will start.

I also wanted to mention that Brixton has its own currency, The Brixton pound, set up to keep money local. The money features local heroes including David Bowie, Vincent Van Gogh and Olive Morris

More information about the trail can be found here Brixton Art Trail

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